News: Can I just learn from Videos at Home?

To a point you can. Some people learn very well from just watching, but for some people movements need to be broken down for them. A video can only do so much. If you aren't "getting" a move there is no one to show you a different way to approach it that will help you better understand. There is no one to work with you.

News: Cheeky Girls DVD's

A Fantastic collection of Instructional and Performance Belly Dance DVD's. These are professional, high quality DVD's from top Belly Dancers all over. Look for Andalee in The Final 6 DVD as well as her own solo DVD!

News: Project Belly Dance

In November 2010 I had one of the best experiences ever in my Belly Dance "career" (I use quotes because I love it so much it is difficult to refer to dancing as a job). My family and I flew out to Baltimore, MD so I could participate in a reality show style Belly Dance competition called Project Belly Dance... The Search for America's Next Top Belly Dancer, Created by Michelle Joyce and Lotus Naraja and produced by Cheeky Girls Productions.

News: What is Belly Dance?

Good Question. Belly Dance is an American term that encompasses MANY different styles of Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and North African dances both traditional and modern, and also Fusion styles that have pieces that resemble these dances form the "old country" but are distinctly American. Also, Belly Dance is somewhat of a misnomer since the dance has much more to do with the hips than the belly. There are also many different terms for the different Belly Dance styles depending on the r...

News: Project Belly Dance Trailer!

The oh so entertaining and ever popular web series Project Belly Dance Featuring 23 Professional Belly Dancers competing for the title of "Top Belly Dancer"! This is the trailer but you can view all 4 episodes on

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