News: Speaking of DVD's... A Review

Speaking of DVD's... A Review

I got a new Belly Dance instructional DVD last week and I am LOVING it! It's Ranya Renee's "Belly Dance Egyptian Style: The Baladi. 

Ranya is a Fantastic instructor and although the gadgets she used to explain her posture and alignment were a little silly it was an effective tool in giving the viewer (me) a visual. 

I loved the way she broke down the music of the Baladi piece by piece and even had the musicians give information. (It isn't too often you get this kind of great info straight from the musician... if only because it's too embarrassing to ask!) I haven't seen a DVD quite like this out there and it is ranked in my top favorites already. Oh! Plus... it is a set of 2 DVD's! The 1st one explains the Technique and Music Structure. The 2nd is Improvisational Drills. Bonus.

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