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Project Belly Dance

In November 2010 I had one of the best experiences ever in my Belly Dance "career" (I use quotes because I love it so much it is difficult to refer to dancing as a job). My family and I flew out to Baltimore, MD so I could participate in a reality show style Belly Dance competition called Project Belly Dance... The Search for America's Next Top Belly Dancer, Created by Michelle Joyce and Lotus Naraja and produced by Cheeky Girls Productions.

I knew the competition would be tough, but WOW! The other Dancer's were phenomenal and the challenges were SO MUCH FUN, but SO EXHAUSTING! (you can watch the episodes on Challenge after challenge I was expecting to be cut, not because I thought I did terrible, but because I knew the other dancers there were awesome. But I wasn't cut. I went along with it hoping someone wouldn't discover a huge mistake had been made. 

I forged friendships I know will carry on. It was such a valuable experience and having won was a HUGE honor! Thank You to everyone that watched the show and voted. I owe so much to my Husband and my Sister who make what I do possible. THANK YOU!

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You danced beautifully on the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am also looking forward to the DVD's.

Thanks so much, Emma! It was truly an amazing experience!

To quote Lotus Niraja, "epitome of Egyptian womanhood." You are a beautiful dancer.

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